“OmicronCr tested the in vitro efficiency of all predicted sgRNAs matching a 100 bp target region at 20°C for us. All we had to provide was a plasmid containing our amplified target sequence.

The results we received contained the original gel electrophoresis image as well as a table with relative digestion efficiencies in percentage. They did not match our in silico predictions and were therefore very useful in selecting sgRNAs and designing our gene editing experiment.

The service we received was straightforward, accommodating and professional. Would definitely recommend to others.”

Irina Grouneva, University of York, July 2020

“I am very grateful to the Omicron team for their efficient and helpful service. I would recommend them to fellow researchers and will happily employ their services in the future.”

Charlotte Walker, University of York, Sep 2020

“OmicronCr provided advice on CRISPR-Cas genome editing and tested a range of gRNAs for two genes. This enabled us to make an informed decision on our target sites and avoid guide RNAs with a low cutting efficiency. As we work with a non-model diatom species, OmicronCr took our custom genome database and developed tools to avoid gRNAs with potential off-targets effects. We found the service to be very useful and would recommend it to others”

Dr Nicole Poulsen, Dresden University of Technology, June 2021

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