Core Service

We design and make gRNAs for your target genes, then test them in-vitro under relevant experimental conditions for your species, to determine which target sequences give the best chance of editing.

We work with you on an individual basis, to make sure we choose the best targets and Cas nuclease for your needs, for example to accommodate GC content, experimental conditions, editing approach and regions of interest in your genome/gene. We then test the chosen guide RNAs, taking into account your experimental conditions, to determine which targets are most efficient in-vitro.

Additional Services

Preparation of plasmid template.

We require your gene or sequence of interest to be inserted into a plasmid as a template for our assay. We offer different levels of service to help you prepare this:

A – Send us a plasmid with your insert, as a glycerol stock. We will grow up it up for you and prepare it for our assay. This is the standard service at no extra cost.
B – Send us your plasmid, and we will transform it into E. coli and proceed with the standard service.
C- Send us genomic DNA or an amplicon of your gene/sequence and we will amplify and clone it into a plasmid vector for you.

For ribonucleoproteins (RNP) based systems

If you are working with ribonucleoproteins, we can send you the tested gRNAs,  for immediate use in your genome editing experiments, for the cost of delivery.

For expression based systems (Coming soon)

An expression plasmid for the preferred gRNAs will be created and sent to you along with the gRNAs, allowing both expression and RNP based methods to be used for editing. We work with you to ensure that your preferred promoters and selective marker are used.

Workflow of the service

Price Guide

All prices include the core service. The table below gives an idea of starting prices based on testing 5 or 10 gRNAs, and the level of service required for plasmid preparation.
We will test from 5 gRNAs and upwards. Contact us for a quote [link] for your specific number of gRNAs and Cas nuclease requirements.

Prices starting from

Number of gRNAs

Template plasmid service




5 Cas9 gRNAs



5 Cpf1 gRNAs




10 Cas9 gRNAs




10 Cpf1 gRNAs




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